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This Esquif travel bag is made from new production scraps from the aeronautical industry.

An inside pocket is sewn, allowing to carry a wallet and a mobile phone.

It is a bag made entirely of recycled accessories and assembled in our workshop in France. It is ideal for your trips, because it is waterproof, robust thanks to the composition of its materials and practical by its lightness.

100% French manufacturing .


SKU: 1002
Bag color
  • Height: 38 cm
    Width: 66 cm

    Depth: 21 cm

    Closure length: 66 cm
    Inside pocket: 30 x 30 cm

    Outside pocket: 26 x 18 cm

    Weight: 525 gr

    Material: polyester / polyurethane


    - Cotton handles

    - Double hooks for shoulder straps
    - Bag closable with a recycled zipper
    - 1 interior zipped pocket

    - 1 open outside pocket

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